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MiniDebConf Curitiba 2017

On March from 17th to 19 (Friday to Sunday) Curitiba will host a MiniDebConf consists of lectures, workshops and social events. MiniDebConf Curitiba 2017 is an open house event, regardless of their level of knowledge about Debian. The most important is to gather the community to celebrate the biggest Free Software project in the world, so we want to welcome from inexperienced users to official Debian Developers. That is, are all invited!

MiniDebConf are local meetings organized by the Debian Project members to achieve objectives similar to those of DebConf, but in a regional context. During all year (a number of) MiniDebConfs are organized around the world, as can be seen on this page.

This will be the second time a MiniDebConf along these lines, with three days dedicated exclusively to Debian, held in Brazil.

In 2016 they happened two events dedicated to Debian, one of them was the first edition of MiniDebConf Curitiba:

And in 2015 they happened three smaller events:

In 2004 Brazil hosted in Porto Alegre the 5th edition of DebConf.

How to get therePlace

Federal University of Technology - Paraná (UTFPR) will host uor MiniDebConf. More information about how to get there, see the local page.


Registration for MiniDebConf 2017 Curitiba is completely free. To subscribe, go and fill out this form:


We have assembled a very interesting set of talks, appealing both to newcomers and to old time Debian Developers, with well known speakers as well as speakers that will be given their first talk outside of their local LUG. It promisses to be a very exciting weekend!

To participate in practical activities such as workshops, it is essential to bring the notebook with Debian already installed. If you do not know how to install Debian on your notebook, no problem, staff will help install during the event.

You could see full schedule at this page and descriptions of the lectures and workshops in our activities page.

Lightning Talks

On Sunday we will have a free time for people present short talks (five minutes or less) on any subject they want to talk. If you want to make a lightning talk, please add in our wiki.

Accommodation and food

Some ideas to find accommodation in: Accommodation wiki page.

Some places to eat close to the meeting in: Food Wiki page.


We are seeking companies or entities that wish to sponsor the Mini-DebConf. If you are interested, or have contact with organizations that can help, please send an email to


Contact the team, you could email to:, or you use public mailing list, or use IRC channel #debian-br no


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